My name is Mark Nenadov. I’ve been blogging for over twelve years now. If I must describe myself here, I am a Christian man living in Essex, Ontario with my lovely wife and our three young ones (all under four years old).

I’m a voracious reader and I earn a living as a software developer. Theologically, I’m conservative: a Reformed Baptist. I love and serve the Triune God in whom I live and breathe and have my being. Politically I am unaffiliated. I love liberty and believe in extending it to those whom I disagree with.

For more details as to my activities (writing, wildlife observation, adding stuff to Archive.org, etc.) see my website.

If you have any questions, comments, proposals, or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you either in the comments section or via email.

P.S. If this blog has blown you away to the extent that you just can’t hold back, feel free to buy me something off my Amazon wishlist. But only if you really want to 🙂

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